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Attention: These photo pages are out of date because I cannot maintain this web site alone and because I'm usually on the road. Click here to see photos from my Aimless journey of late 2006 and scroll through the Aimless Blog to see pictures I've taken with my phone.

Having spent some time looking at the 2,000 or so pictures I've taken since October 2004, I realized I've kind of done the aimless thing already, although not intentionally. I've gone a lot of places in the last couple years, much of it impulsively, like when my buddy Jeff kidnapped me and made me stay with him in southeast Louisiana for 6 weeks in May/June 2005. And when I've gone places, I've taken pictures, never dreaming I'd present them as any kind of presentation.

I think there are a lot of really good pictures here, even though I don't know the first thing about photography and I was using a relatively cheap camera. Some of them probably don't belong here, but it's hard to sift out the best 5% of 2,000 pictures over an hour or two, so give me a break. And I surely left out a lot of pics that do deserve to be here. It doesn't matter anyway; I picked a lot of these pictures because they help tell a story when viewed as a slideshow, not necessarily because I think they are technically great photos. (You should look closely at a lot of these pictures because the good stuff is in the really small things.)

So check out the story I never intended to tell as a slideshow. I tried to keep the file sizes as small as possible for those who don't have high-speed internet, but the small files looked shitty, so I had to leave them kind of big to keep them looking decent.

If you don't like the idea of a slideshow, here are some thumbnails. However, if you decide not to look at a lot of the pictures because you think the thumbnails are boring, you'll miss some good stuff.

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Freak Shows

F Train





No War



9/11 Healer




Big Gun

Prez Race

You're Fired








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